Craig Cartmell
Craig Cartmell

Craig Cartmell · CTO

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Welcome to our engineering blog

Welcome to our engineering blog cover photo.

Here at CreateTOTALLY we're constantly evolving and analysing new technologies to see how we can further improve our products.

As of right now we have a whopping 29 separate code repositories, spanning Infrastructure, API, Automation, Web, Serverless and more.

Engineers here spin a lot of plates. One day you could be making changes to our Infrastructure as code (IaC) in Terraform or tweaking our Apollo GraphQL API, the next you could be working on our Electron app to help empower Studios across the world in automating content - be it Video, HTML or Print.

We particularly enjoy using Node.js and TypeScript with it making up about half of the code we write.

With all this said, we thought we'd start sharing some of the exciting things we're working on as well as challenges we've faced along the way.

You can begin by reading about how this very site was created in our building-a-blog-in-2021 post.

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